Compare Conveyancing Quotes

Traditionally, conveyancing was mostly conducted by your local family solicitor who you would always use for any legal matters that were called for. When you think about how things were done 40 years ago you would probably only have first cause to use a solicitor when you were buying your first home and any subsequent ones. If you were unlucky enough to have matrimonial problems you may also have need to use the solicitor for sorting out your divorce and possibly any family law problems should there have been a problem over custody and maintenance. Next would come a natural point where you would want to make a will to look after your family on your death and your solicitor would also be called upon when the reading and management of that will was called for. So it was a natural process to keep everything close and hopefully be able to deal with a wide range of matters under the same roof and usually all by one man or woman.

Today there is more choice and law has become more complex whereupon one person could not specialise effectively in more than a couple of fields if they were a solicitor.

When it comes to obtaining a conveyancing quote you could still opt to keep it all in house with your family solicitor or you could use the power of  the web and get a quote over the internet. This is a good website to compare conveyancing quotes .

How does it work to be able to get instant quotations? Well the answer is identically to those other price comparison sites we know so well that give us good home and car insurance prices. Gone are the old fashioned days when we would only use a family agent or local broker for buying our insurance cover. With the advent of the Internet we can easily get a quotation and it doesn’t matter if we talk face to face with anybody anymore before we purchase.

Similarly the legal aspect of conveyancing is going the same way, whereas it is now possible to enter simple details about your property and you will receive an instant quotation back.  You can also instruct the solicitor to act for you at the press of a button.

You don’t have to live in the same city where the work is being done as all communications can be done electronically and speedily by using email and special client portals to facilitate this.

Take this scenario.

Old days: Instruct solicitor to act for you by telephone or letter which would be followed by an acknowledgement letter, instruction letter and acceptance of terms issued by the solicitor. these would have to be signed and sent back to the solicitor and you would have to enclose a cheque or postal order as a deposit in order for the solicitor to start acting for you. They would then have to request all needed searches by post and send off the payment of applicable fees. Wait for the searches to come back and then write to you to let you know the results of the search evaluation.

Today: Instruct solicitor online. Receive terms and welcome pack by email immediately. Pay deposit by Paypal or other payment online by clicking email link. Solicitor orders searches online once payment has been flagged s received and searches are returned within an hour. Solicitor evaluates searches and writes email back to client notifying them of any problems.

Everything is so much better with technology involved.