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At Custom Brokers Real Estate we strive to give you the best bespoke and customised house buying experience possible. Similarly we set the same goals for selling your property through us.

We have the best, highly trained staff who are passionate about property. We love appraising it, valuing it and then marketing it and finally selling it with your next purchase in mind. An ideal situation would be where we help you sell your present home and find you your next one.

We have a modern clean showroom and office and our staff work on a USA realtor style way of working. Not all American things have influenced the UK for the better; Trick or Treat and Proms come to mind, but we could certainly learn a lot from them by adopting their real estate promotion ideas.

Of course the commissions in the USA are to die for as they can be as high as 20% which compared to the sums earned in the UK at around 1.5% being the norm, are superstar commissions. The punters in the USA are prepared to pay the high commissions too. It’s bizarre. Other USA style promotion methods would be to have the seller to have an Open House event where a sort of party is thrown to encourage viewers to come along and get a feel for the house being marketed. It does make you wonder how many people will turn up just for the free wine and sausage rolls.

The Realtors out there which are the equivalent of our UK estate agents all tend to be self employed and run their business out of hubs where they work from a hot-desk or a reserved/leased space.

Computer and IT systems are important in the modern world of today’s estate agent. You have to have the best mobile communications and marketing tools available. We have the software that enables our agents to visit your property for an appraisal where we can take basic details of the property in order that we can arrive at a valuation of your home.

If you like us and like our assessment of your property valuation we can perform a more detailed collection of data about your home and can take photographs and what we then do is create the property marketing particulars in our specially adapted mobile home/office vans which all our operators use. We generally will have prepared your full particulars within an hour ready for your approval and if accepted by you we will have your property on the Internet within minutes.

We’ll also add your property to our matching and mailing list to search our database for known contacts that are registered within our books as serious lookers and buyers.

Your property will be added to portal sites, of which there are many but only a few really effective ones will likely turn up the best results. We find that the major portal sites provides up to 60% of our achieved sales per annum, so it is an important aspect of digital marketing that we use to great effect.

What We Can Do For You?

Provide up-to-date honest market advice.

Give money saving tips & advice

Help you learn about the process of selling your house.

Give you a platform to publicly discuss and inform others from your experience.

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